We at Techno Script Solutions, use cutting edge technologies to help our clients to build complex, sophisticated, and commercial software products. In addition, we support functional disciplines like product management, development, maintenance, and support services.

Our product development services:

  • Is equipped with global infrastructure, state-of-the-art communication facilities, best-in-class process and offshore best practices.
  • Uses iterative, agile methodology conforming to industry benchmarks.
  • Offers large pool of specialized, highly-skilled professionals across various technologies, platforms and domains.
  • Combined with our domain expertise and global delivery model, clients can introduce products faster-to-market.
  • Utilizes home-grown and industry proven tools, accelerators, frameworks, techniques and best practices resulting in operational efficiency.

The product design service offering for new product development and the early stages of the product development life cycle is supported by a stringent quality framework. We use iterative methodology to support high quality user experience/interfaces and constantly changing requirements. Our teams have worked on multiple technologies and have extensive experience in product development and associated processes such as configuration management, release management, change management, etc.

We use our understanding of client’s business, target customers, competitors, and other business drivers and constraints, to design and build products for our clients that exceed their market and user expectations. We help our customers to re-engineer and migrate from older format applications to newer technologies like J2EE and .NET including Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based applications.

Our core team’s experience in end-to-end product development using various delivery models has helped many customers to build cost-effective solutions resulting in:

  • Reduction of operating costs.
  • Improved decision making through data analysis.
  • Better financial planning and management.

TECHNO SCRIPT SOLUTIONS vying to deliver cutting edge, innovative and best-of-breed services and solutions. We always apply ourselves 100% to become preferred partner for our clients. We will enable your business transformation through:

  • Improved situational awareness.
  • Just-in-time decision making.
  • Enhanced business agility.