About us

The Techno Script Solutions (TSS) is incorporated in July 2012. The office is set up in 3000 Sq. Ft. area and located in Chennai, INDIA. TSS has also set up its office in California, USA and are in the process of setting up its sales offices in UK and Malaysia within 6 months. Currently in India, TSS is functioning with 30+ employees.

Our core group of experts has more than 20 years of vast experience in enterprise application development, maintenance, and support for business domains such as Financial, Insurance, Banking, ERP & Supply Chain, Human Resources, Health Care, Education, etc. The people of technical excellence in Open Source and Microsoft technologies also constitute this core group.

The TSS is an outcome of a perfect merger of functional excellence and technical expertise. Our experts worked in various leading IT companies in offshore and worked in various customers’ site across the globe. The collective thoughts and ideas of this group yielded a design for common and comprehensive application development framework, using which applications for any business domain can be developed with lot of ease. Currently the TSS is in process of developing this framework (NEST).

The NEST comprises of 16 common components/features of an enterprise application, which helps to manage business of any kind. The NEST will be the foundation layer of any application/product. Some of the components/features of the NEST are given below

  • Application level Load Balancing
  • Platform / Application Server Independent
  • Browser Independent
  • Device Independent (PC, laptop, Tablets, i-pad, Smart phones)
  • Database Independent
  • Online/Offline Capabilities
  • In-built Business Process Modeling
  • Workflow Model
  • Event Tracking
  • In-built CSR Module
  • In-built BI Tools with richest set of Reports, Graphs and Dashboards